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Winter is Coming!


Protect yourself and your family this winter coming!

Naturally boost your Immune System and fight colds, infections and flu

Winter is coming bringing with it runny noses, coughing and sneezing affecting many people especially the elderly and the children in nurseries, kindergartens and schools.

A child has four to nine infections per year which adds up  to ten or more days of sickness per year. Winter time is a real challenge especially for the child’s immune system.

The best defense is a healthy immune system supporting it with healthy nutrition and natural food supplements.

During the winter period we see many people suffering from seasonal affective disorders such as depression, anxiety, overeating, and loss of interest.  This may mean that we need dietary alterations and more support in the winter. You must remember that healthy eating is even harder during the winter period because it is so much easier to focus on making something quick and easy after a hard day when you get home from work. Also fresh produce is not often available during the winter season.

A healthy immune system can help ward off the germs that cause colds and  flu and can even minimize a cold’s duration.

One way to boost the immune system is to maintain a vitamin C regimen. Also we advise our clients to increase their intake of fruits and vegetables rich in powerful nutrients. Foods rich in antioxidants with vitamin C and beta-carotene, such as citrus fruit, cabbage, broccoli, pumpkin, sweet potato, and spinach, which have immune-boosting power. To fight off infections, you should also increase your intake of zinc, which is found in fish, oysters, poultry, eggs, milk and  unprocessed grains. The problem with these foods is the added sugar and other food additives. In addition, healthy nutrition should include a healthy level of good bacteria. Including adequate amounts of probiotics or friendly flora is valuable in restoring levels of these healthy bacteria in our body to protect us from other infections. Fermented dairy products such as kefir and yogurt provide live cultures but unfortunately also contain calories, sugar, or salt. I generally recommend taking a probiotic as a dietary supplement, especially during the winter months and always after antibiotic use. It is good to know that overeating tends to be more of a problem in the winter months, and that it can affect the immune system, too.

Of course, nothing will take the place of eating a good and healthy diet. But taking quality, whole food-based natural supplements can go along way towards helping you maintain a better level of health. Besides, if you’re still working through some bad habits – skipping meals and not eating organic foods, you need them even more!

For many years I have been researching the best natural ingredients for our Immune therapy protocols and I m now so grateful to Dr. Wolz products. These products are the result of many years of research.  They offer natural, biological ingredients which are derived exclusively from natural sources. They have been developed with the aim of exerting effects at the source of our health, the respiratory system of the cell, so as to strengthen health from the very foundation upwards because an important part of our mission is to maintain ‘’mitochondrial cell health’’.

Top 5 immune therapy products to support your immune system

The following products are special nutrients which deserve special mention for their ability to quell ‘’winter’’ virus response in your body:

zell kinderimmun

folic acerola