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Your first gift to your unborn child

Mum-to-be Lomi Lomi Massage

A Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Pregnancy Massage is a wonderful combination of deeply nurturing long strokes leading to complete relaxation and advanced massage techniques to work the specific areas of stress for most pregnant women. It provides emotional support and improves your body awareness and can help relieve some of the anxiety and apprehension associated with preparing for your new baby. It reduces and alleviates neck and back pain and the stress on the weight bearing joints. It helps maintain flexibility and improves lymphatic circulation, reducing oedema and fatigue, stimulating and balancing the endocrine system.
The gentle, yet firm, long flowing strokes increase your sense of wellbeing whilst at the same time helping to release tight spots caused by postural changes, muscle weakness and imbalance.
The wonderful Lomi Lomi Mum - To - Be pregnancy massage is a Hawaiian sacred and therapeutic experience that has been used for hundreds of years to support women through pregnancy.

Making your 9 most beautiful months more beautiful

Under the guidance and advice of a prenatal care provider, massage therapy can be incorporated into routine prenatal care as an emotional and physical health supplement.

Massage therapy has been shown to improve pregnancy outcomes and maternal health.

The mum-to-be is able to fully relax on the table with the help of pillows, and those who enjoy the massage regularly experience many benefits.

What you need to know

At Sesto Senso Wellness Care during our Lomi Lomi massage we use the sideways lying position for expectant mothers, with the help and support of pillows. We consider that massage tables which provide a hole in which the uterus fits are not suitable as it may apply pressure to the abdomen, or allow the abdomen to dangle, causing uncomfortable stretching of the uterus ligaments.

What you need to know

At Sesto Senso Wellness Care we perform pregnancy massages from the second trimester (+12 week). This is because there is an increased risk for miscarriage associated with the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. As with any therapeutic approach, women should always consult their doctor prior to receiving a massage therapy. Contraindications for pregnancy massage are:

Morning sickness


Vaginal bleeding



Upset stomach

Decrease in foetal movement in the previous 24 hours

Multiple past miscarriages

Pregnancy complications


Why you will feel great

Benefits of pregnancy massage:

Reduces swelling in the hands, feet and ankles

Reduces fatigue by improving the functioning of the lymphatic system

Improves circulation thereby reducing the risk of varicose veins


We want you to be comfortable

Because of the continuous flow of Lomi Lomi massage, the body is uncovered on one side so that the techniques can be performed with no interruptions so that the energy can flow freely. Areas that are not massaged will be covered. Your comfort is always our top priority - if during the therapy session you are too warm, too cold, or uncomfortable in any way, please let your therapist know!

What to do before and after your massage therapy

Our priority is for the therapist and the client to develop good communication and a trusting relationship. Our aim is to create a safe space for you to feel comfortable. This is the key for the best results!

At Sesto Senso Wellness Care, before your massage you will enjoy a nice warm foot bath with Epsom salts to prepare you for your therapy and to give you time to discuss your massage plan.

After your treatment, we encourage you to have a shower to clean your body from the dead cells (due to the rubbing during the massage), to leave you feeling refreshed. We will provide you with a robe, sandals and towels to use.