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Rebuilt Face Treatment

The quick lapse of time is what everyone is concerned about, especially if it starts to be show on the face with wrinkles around the eyes, forehead, lips and nasoparietal. At first, it is good to distinguish the time when a wrinkle indeed needs treatment, in order to be able to see the desired results. The wrinkles of expressions, that is, those that appear when we laugh or make any facial expression, cannot be cured. The thinnest and deepest wrinkles that usually appear from the age of 35-40 onwards, are the ones that accept the treatment best and optimal results may be seen.

The active ingredients of the treatment such as mandelic acid, that stimulates the production of collagen, is extremely effective in the treatment of photoaging and it improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

The pyruvic acid that stimulates glycoproteins, lactobionic acid responsible for increasing cell renewal and healing of wrinkles and retinol that has strong antioxidant properties will help the skin, after the completion of the treatments, to be more shiny, hydrated, youthful with fewer wrinkles and imperfections.


Price: €60-80
Duration: 1 hour