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The new bonding experience

Massaging for couples

Are you looking to try something new with your partner or your loved ones? Do you want to enjoy a little quality time together to reconnect?  Sesto Senso Wellness Care has the answer: A Couple’s Massage Treatment. We will set up our massage tables side-by-side, allowing you to indulge in a stress-reducing, muscle-relaxing experience together! Sharing such a relaxing and memorable occasion provides opportunities for connecting and bonding with your loved one in a unique and meaningful way.

All of our massages are appropriate for couples.  Do you need a smooth relaxing massage to unwind from the daily pressures or some deep tissue work to relieve tension in your shoulders? Maybe your loved one loves the warm, healing touch of hot stones or is eager to try our advanced Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massages? Together with your therapists you will each decide which treatment best satisfies your individual needs. 

We love great matches – you, your loved one and a session customized for just the two of you! It’s a perfect match made at Sesto Senso Wellness Care. 

A couple’s massage is the perfect gift for any occasion. Its time for your massage date!

Deep Tissue (firm)

Strong pressure applied with a variety of strokes to vigorously loosen tight muscles and knots leaving you feeling light and relaxed.

Aromatherapy (firm or gentle)

Firm or gentle pressure applied with aromatherapy oils to stimulate and relax you.

Advanced Lomi Lomi Massage

Experience the healing touch of Hawaiian massage, a very different kind of treatment!

Swedish Massage (gentle)

light pressure applied with long, flowing strokes to ease tension in the body, leaving you feeling deeply relaxed.

Hot Stone Massage

the tension melts away and the healing process is boosted during your massage treatment with hot stones

Prepare for your Couples' Massage

Before, after and during...

Please arrive 10 minutes early for this treatment.

Please avoid eating heavy meals or drinking alcohol in the hours leading up to your massage.

After your treatment, we encourage you to have a shower to clean your body from the dead cells (due to the rubbing during the massage), to leave you feeling refreshed. We will provide you with a robe, sandals and towels to use.

The treatment duration doesn’t include the time for dressing/undressing, discussing your case history, etc . Please add an extra 15 minutes for your scheduled massage.

What you need to know

At sesto senso wellness care our draping method is modified according the type of massage treatment each one will choose and this will be explained and agreed with your therapist prior to your massage.

For Sesto Senso massages, only the body part that the therapist is working on is uncovered.

For our advanced Lomi Lomi massages because of the continuous flow and the under body work the client lies on a sterilized vinyl table bed and the body is uncovered at once except the *private areas so that the technique’s can be performed with no interruptions and energy can flow freely.

Your comfort is always our top priority - if during the therapy session you are too warm, too cold, or uncomfortable in any way, please let your therapist know!

It is our policy not to accept clients who request to be fully uncovered during their treatment.