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The three research-based mechanisms that confirm a proper massage affects the human body positively.

There are indeed impressive physical benefits of a massage therapy. Researchers believe the massage affects the human body positively through at least three mechanisms.

  • Massages that occur in the client’s body create relaxation, and lead the brain to produce less stress hormones.
  • At the same time, they improve blood flow to the brain, resulting in better mental clarity and alertness.
  • A third mechanism is the production of endorphins from the brain that have a similar effect to morphine and thus combat pain.

Many times we do not recognize, or just do not pay attention to the physical tension that we are and then we are wondering about the psychological state we must be in order to realize the time we need a massage.

The answer is simple! We do not have to wait until our body is exhausted to do a massage therapy. We must always remember that prevention is the best treatment, even for a massage therapy.

Wishing you a happy and wonderful day!