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Respect your training with massage.

Respect your training with massage! Help your muscles recover faster….

In a recent study researchers put eleven healthy young men through a really exhausting workout – one that can’t be finished. To see the effects of massage on the muscles they took muscle biopsies of both legs before and after the exercise, and after 10 minutes of Swedish style massage that was given immediately after the workout. The results were just as we expected…. The massage had affected two specific genes in the muscle cells.

In the first gene the inflammation that was caused by the exercise was reduced, a similar effect to that of certain pain medications.

In the second gene, the massage increased the production of mitochondria in the muscles. Mitochondria are the powerhouses of the cells which use oxygen and the broken down products of food to generate the energy that our cells need, so that they can carry out their functions efficiently to keep us healthy.

So massage helps you relax and release tension and at the same time it speeds up muscle recovery, preparing you for the next day’s training and giving you a lead ahead of the competition.

Massage should be a part of every serious athlete’s training schedule!

*A small tip from us:  don’t forget to drink plenty of water especially before the massage. It hydrates the muscles for greater and deeper work. After massage you need to take the day off, relax and feel the benefit of your treatment through your muscles.