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Pay attention to your ‘’lifestyle routine’’ to find out what triggers your headaches.

Headaches seem an inevitable part of life. Hundreds of thousands of headaches bothering inside the heads of people daily. Most of these episodes (about 80% of headaches) are completely preventable and are caused by the daily choices each headache sufferer makes. We create, cause and trigger our own headaches. This is truth believe it or not. Just stop doing what you are doing and you will notice a miracle – your headaches will never come back again if you learn the language of your own headaches.

Serious biological conditions that cause headaches, such as meningitis and tumors for example are rare. Also headaches caused by physical trauma, such as fall or impact, are not typical and also not treated in the normal way, so if we remove serious disease and physical trauma we are left with 80% of ‘’lifestyle’’ headaches.

Our responsibility

Headaches do not just appear out of nowhere, and we also do not like to be responsible for our own pain.  People who suffer chronic headaches, often feel powerless and dependent on drugs to lessen the suffering.  Have you ever consider curing your chronic headaches by preventing them from occurring?  The CURE is hiding in the prevention, not in a response to the symptoms. No amount of drugs can ever cure your headaches because drugs are not designed to stop them from occurring.

You must accept the fact that you are responsible for keeping headaches away and understand the things that cause them in the first place.


‘’Lifestyle’’ Headache triggers

Here below is a list of the main blockages normally found after a bio-energetic evaluation of what triggers headaches including migraines.:

  • Lack of oxygen: When your body is deprived of adequate oxygen it creates negative changes in blood and cells and poor ability of the organs to fulfill their functions. This causes headaches. Also I often see people do not get enough oxygen because of shallow breathing – this usually happens from stress or from overeating (pressing the diaphragm and makes it difficult for the lungs to expand). Sometimes I notice a sinus blockage or simply a bad sleeping position which limits your oxygen supply.
  • Digestion – when absorption goes wrong: If your body doesn’t absorb nutrients well, you normally experience nutrient deficiencies or improper absorption – taking in too much or too little of certain nutrients.
  • Toxic stress load from food choices, food additives, herbal allergens etc.: Many foods are altered in such a way that becomes unnatural for our bodies to break down and process. We often find foods such as dairy, coffee, bread and simple carbohydrates – food that changes our body chemistry in a negative way including trans fats, sugars, nitrates, sulfides, etc.). Also allergens of chemical nature can trigger your headache.
  • Chronic dehydration: Dehydration means that the body has insufficient water and other fluids to function properly. When this occurs, the liver and kidneys cannot process and remove toxic material which means that these problematic substances continue to circulate in the body. This usually causes inflammation and pain as well as tightness and detrimental changes in blood vessels. Then you can easily get a headache, that is why is so important to catch dehydration early on.
  • Harmful environmental factors: I often find vulnerability to the wave influences from the surrounding and the natural factors weakening the body such as geopathic burden, electromagnetic radiation, radioactive load in x-ray irradiation, phone electromagnetic radiation and other factors which cause headache.
  • Toxic micro-organisms: Microbial toxins are toxins produced by micro-organisms including bacteria and fungi. These toxins directly damaging host tissues and weakening the immune system causing many chronic headaches and migraines.


  • Toxic heavy metals: Heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, mercury, are persistent in the environment and cause serious health consequences including migraines and headaches.


  • Improper exercise and insufficient rest: We all know that exercise is important in our daily lives, but we may not know why or what exercise can do for us. The most important thing to remember is that exercise introduces fresh oxygen to the lungs, works the muscles, moves the blood and releases ”happy” hormones. However, too much exercise or overly strenuous physical activity can be dangerous to the body. When you engage in repeated muscle contractions like when you are playing tennis too hard, lifting very heavy weights) you might  experience a rise in blood pressure, or injure your muscles from too much contractions. Additionally, if you do not rest enough, the body finds it difficult to repair or relax and attain a normal state of homeostasis. Too much sleep and not enough exercise are also headache triggers. Finding your right balance is essential.


  • Bad posture: Bad posture can cause tension in the body and trigger headaches.  I often seen sports people who normally play one-sidedness, like tennis or golf who they suffer from headaches. The body must be balanced. Sitting or sleeping hunched or crooked also leads to imbalances in the spine, hips and shoulders that cause headaches.  Correcting your posture and body development can help.


  • Stress and the way we think: Psychological stress and the way we think and respect ourselves, health and our issues in life are hidden headache triggers. Our worse enemy is the way we handle our daily stress. Stress has the power to weaken our body and destroy its functions. Without knowing how to reduce and control your stress, you will not be able to prevent headaches. Maintaining thoughts like ”this will never work”, ”no one can help my headaches”, or ”I have tried everything and nothing works for me”, commits you to an inescapable cycle of different kinds of pain.