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Find the root of your problem and lose weight!

You must change your mind first if you want to change your weight!

Whether or not you believe it the most important factors that influence weight loss success is your ATTITUDE. And the main reason is that what you think, affects how you feel, and in turn the actions you take.  From all my years of working with people with weight and eating disorders, I truly believe that it is the key to success.  But sometimes you cannot help it – you don’t need me to tell you this. You read it every day but you find it difficult to put it into action. Right?

Every single person I tested energetically and found toxic chemicals, substances found in the environment, food sensitivities, pesticides, toxic microbes, heavy metals especially lead (a chemical that lingered in gasoline, house paints, children’s toys) and geopathic burden – these people one day they are positive and happy and the next is like a different person with negative attitude and very unhappy.

You see why it takes a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction if you truly want to enjoy a healthy lifestyle away from pain or ugly fat?  That is why I believe firstly you must understand the causes of your health problem and the way you are coping with them if you want to get rid of your fat for good.

Until today I studied carefully and made simple notes on 21 blockages  while trying to help you lose weight.

  1. You started thinking the End date before your start.

I get really worried when I see that you are thinking when your ‘’nutrition plan’’ will come to END.

You were more concerned how long the program will last which gives me the impression that you started planning the END and you did not understand that these changes are for LIFE.

And if you are doing things for your health that you do not plan on doing for life then you will be disappointed.   I see it all the time during challenges.  If your changes are making you feel good and are healthy then by default the cessation of these changes will be the opposite,  and you will soon return back to your unhealthy life routine. (sometimes you feel safe with your ‘’routine’’ although you want to lose weight at the same time you feel SAFE with your ‘’fat’’ and you don’t  let it go). The same with your old habits. You are familiar with them, and you must not forget that they are the habits and activities that got you to this point to begin with. If the END point is in your sights, honestly I am telling you that you will not be successful in the long term.  It is important to have targets and goals. These are simply markers and steps to your goals, which should be health until the day you die.  If you have an end date in mind you are already failed.

  1. Poor digestion and food assimilation is not optimal

Remember you are not what you eat but YOU ARE what you DIGEST and ABSORB!

Our gut health will determine our overall wellbeing. The bacteria that lies in our gut helps us to fight disease, process our food, make nutrients and hormones etc.

  1. Your hormones are not balanced.

If you are fatigued, suffer from PMS, experience irregular menstrual cycles,  feel depressed or anxious, you may have a hormonal imbalance. (these people find it difficult to compensate with their environment)

  1. Deficiency of Vitamin D

I found many of my clients have low Vitamin D, which is associated with weight gain and several metabolic processes.

  1. Yes, you do exercise, but not in a way that’s benefiting your body!

You are either exercising too much or too little. I know it is strange, but I have seen many people who over exercise tend to put on weight instead of loosing. Firstly you must enjoy exercising otherwise you will still be disappointed.

  1. You are sitting all day.

You are not moving your body enough throughout the day, and your body hates it, because we have hunter-gatherer genes. At least, get up from your chair every half an hour and do some stretching.

  1. You are overeating and disorderly

The body cannot cope with a lot of food at once. That is why we teach you the food combination.

  1. You are aggressive while eating large amount of food

The way we eat is very important. Beyond the important  health benefits of eating small amounts of food in an orderly manner you must concentrate on the mental, emotional and spiritual effects of your daily way of eating. I see a lot people eating and drinking in front of the computer, talk while eating and the worse is sadness and fatigue. Eating while you are sad or tired even if you are eating the most healthiest foods, you will have no results.

  1. You are not chewing your food.

I see many people swallow their food instead of chewing it. You should chew your food very well until it is liquid.

  1. You are over stressed and not finding balance in your life.

Over stress can impact your weight in many ways. Long term stress = high cortisol, which is linked to blood sugar imbalance and weight gain especially around the mid-section. Rest at least for 5-10 mins before you eat. Yes, I know you have no time, this happens to me often, but our body does not care if we are busy or not. So let’ not wonder why we are not feeling well at the end of the day.

  1. You are not sleeping well and the quality of your sleep is poor.

During sleep your body starts repairing. When your body gets quality of sleep, then will be able to perform. In order to do this start changing the way you  handle your overload daily routine program or change it if you can.

  1. You are a fad dieter.

I often ask people if they are weight conscious or health conscious?  I see different mentalities that foster very different choices.

  1. You are eating out too much and not cooking at home

Trust me, you just don’t know what that restaurant is using to cook your food. What about if they are serving you the worst and cheapest vegetable oils and what about the hygienic of fruits and vegetables. It takes me at least 45 mins to make a proper salad because I need 20’’ to wash my vegetables. Find out places that claims healthy cooking and uses healthy produce. But at the same time start to love your own kitchen!

  1. You are not adding quality protein to your plate.

Protein is the satiety macronutrient that helps to balance out blood sugars and therefore helps to control your weight.

  1. You are scared of good fats.

I see many people who eat a low-fat diet suffer from hormonal imbalances. Good fats are very important to your brain and for making hormones.  The body actually uses the good fats and they will help to lower your LDL cholesterol.

  1. Your liver is blocked and you need a good cleanse!

Usually I see many people feeling low, tired, fatigue, moody and when I take their food history their diet contains too much sugar, too much coffee, too much alcohol, too much of junk food. When your liver is sluggish, it struggles to process substances, toxins and hormones efficiently and this leads to toxic build up and this will inevitably cause weight gain.

  1. You are blaming everything else except yourself!

This attitude has detrimental effect while you are trying to lose your weight. It is very important you take responsibility for yourself and not to blame everything and everyone else. You are responsible for yourself. So you need to make real decisions and not sitting around complaining how hard everything is and how everything is someone else’s fault.

  1. You cannot make a sacrifice

These people found it difficult to make sacrifices. Who said life was easy? Who said life was fair? When you see a small child dying of cancer or poor people dying from lack of food. Life can be hard and brutal.

You have to make sacrifice to stay healthy. You must deal with it. You will have to turn down the puddings.  Pass over your favorite biscuits. Skip whatever is excess. Forever? NO. You can add these into a healthy life for sure. NOT DAILY though. For some people not even weekly. 80% of your diet has to be perfectly healthy. That is the reality. Life isn’t fair. Life is hard. 

And when you decide to make real changes, when you make a commitment to yourself to make a difference, YOU BETTER STICK TO IT.

  1. You want Results Fast but at the same time you are lazy

We often see attractive advertisements such as ‘’two week diets!’’ ‘’Results in just one week’’! loose 10lbs a week! These claims never stop. Everyone wants results fast. We want results ‘’yesterday’’!

I have one question for you? How long have you had that extra weight? One week? Two weeks? Four weeks? Probably not. It was probably something that caught up with you over time. Maybe years.  It was slow and steady and a result of many different factors all working together. Suddenly, you want to change and you expect to have results before you even start.

The same way your fat went on is how it is going to come off. Through a group of compounding factors over a period of time. You have to change your nutrition, your exercise, and your lifestyle and then you have to expect it to take the SAME amount of time to get back to where you were as it took to get you to where you are.  Can you get results in 4 weeks? Yes. Will they last for the next 2 years. No, they won’t.  As long as you are looking at short term fixes with definitive end dates, having a few treats, and blaming everyone else for your current state, you will never be successful.

  1. What is the true meaning of a ‘’Treat’’?

I kept thinking we have the wrong meaning of the word ‘’Treat’’.  TREAT is an event or item that is out of the ordinary and gives great pleasure. For example chocolate, cookies, tastes good. Wine gives pleasure and temporarily makes you happy. BUT this is an event or item that is OUT OF THE ORDINARY.  Many years ago you had cake on your birthday and a few times a year. Today is different. Every single day you are exposed to ‘’treats’’. You often telling me that on your way home you need to eat your chocolate. What about in your office?   EVERY SINGLE DAY you have a treat.  That is without dinners and events every weekend, anniversaries, sports events, holidays, and other celebratory events.   ‘’Treats’’ are something out of the ordinary. If it  happens more than once a month it is no longer out of the ordinary. Stop saying treat. You are not having a treat.  It comes down to sacrifice and commitment. You are a grown adult making your own decisions.  Do not delude yourself in an attempt to justify the fact you are fully responsible for what you put in your mouth.  

  1. Your attitude

I repeat again. Your attitude. This is the number one thing I believe will have the most effect on your long term health.

You need to stop complaining how hard your life is. Seriously.  There are people who really have it rough. They have no home, no job, they have cancer or diabetes, they have been in terrible accidents and their bodies are broken, and many people have no way out and no hope to make it better. If you have a house, can walk on two legs, use both of your arms, have a job, a family, can go grocery shopping, drive in your car, go out for dinner, exercise,…… then you are among the luckiest of all humans on earth. Stop moaning how hard it is not to eat cakes and chips while you watch TV, or how hard it is to motivate yourself to exercise after a day at work.   Remember – almost 1 billion humans suffer from malnutrition and chronic malnourishment.

Why do I start writing all of this specifically for fat loss? It is because your attitude will determine your success.  And your attitude is based on your life and the issues you deal with.  This is your life and you must make decisions. Your attitude will determine your success in both your health and your quality of life.


I  have study these issues with hundreds of people over the last 20 years and truly people who took these ‘’blockages’’ to heart in combination with patience and  perseverance enjoy a healthy comfortable life.