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Effects during and after massage therapy!

Often clients ask if it is normal to fall asleep during massage, to feel movements in their intestines or to feel thirsty and many more questions….Let’s take step by step and explain all this natural symptoms that may arise during or after a massage session.


Fall asleep

This can happen during a relaxing massage because it soothes and comforts the client. If you are really tired and had a busy and tense day or didn’t sleep well during the previous night, then you are most likely to fall asleep and even snore. You must not feel uncomfortable, because for the therapist this is an indication that the massage is effective.

Noise and movement of your intestines

Lots of people feel embarrassed about this and have the need to explain that they haven’t eaten etc…… when in fact this is an effect  of the massage treatment.  Your sympathetic nervous system (which activates the fight and flight response of the body, and slows or stops the digestion track),  during a massage starts to calm down and relax and your parasympathetic nervous system (which activates when we are in a relaxed state and is responsible for the stimulation of the digestive truck)  starts to work more efficiently and results in digestion movements and sounds in the abdominal area.


The therapist is working to break up the adhesion’s that have formed in the muscle tissue allowing increased blood flow, increased movement and to restore the muscle to a more healthy state. When you open up these areas the metabolic waste that was trapped due to lack of blood flow is now released and it  goes out through the lymphatic system.  Nutrients and oxygen are being delivered to the muscle at a faster rate, and this all uses water from your blood stream, which may give you a feeling of dehydration, or thirst.

Frequent urination

This can be observed during or after the treatment due to the compression of the tissues by the masseur that physically squeezes fluid from within the tissues into the lymphatics, and thereon into the vasculature. The increased volume of flow in the plasma causes increased flow though the kidneys, increased glomerular filtration and thus increased urine output.

Nausea or headache

This can happen due to the increased amount of metabolic waste being transported out. Don’t be afraid of this because drinking more water after your massage can help reduce this symptoms, or prevent it altogether.

All these are normal effects that help you experience feelings of pleasure and euphoria and the tranquility and relaxation of both body and mind which a massage session brings. If you have not done so already, we invite you to book a session to experience all these beautiful feelings and to renew your body and soul……!