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De-Stress Head & Feet Massage Combo

Give yourself the treatment that it deserves!  

Our new De – Stress Head and Feet Massage Combo helps you to relax, indulge yourself and be healthy. This therapeutic massage combo consists of a relaxing foot bath + therapeutic head, neck & upper shoulder massage + stress-reducing foot massage. 

Focusing on the head, neck and upper shoulders in one luxurious session, it becomes the ultimate treatment to improve your mood and mental alertness, promote better sleep, alleviate stress, and reduce tension. In combination with a foot massage, the whole session becomes soothing and thoroughly pleasurable. It is extremely beneficial as it also improves circulation in feet and legs, reduces stress and boosts the immune system! 

How will we succeed all of the above benefits?  
This signature spa treatment opens with a warm footbath of our mixer of salts, herbs, and essential oils, softening and preparing for a foot massage, followed by a massage of the shoulders, upper arms, neck, scalp, face, and ears. 

Overall this therapeutic combo will help reduce muscle tension, enhance blood circulation, reduce headaches and promote efficient thinking. 

Visit Sesto Senso Wellness Care, schedule your next soothing massage, and let us melt your stress away.