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Can Physical Fatigue Affect Human Psychology?  

Can physical fatigue affect human psychology ? 

Often we believe that everything is affected by psychology. Yes, certainly this may be an important cause, but sometimes other factos such as physical fatigue, muscle pains in the neck, waist, legs, and all over the body are to blame.

All these make us impatient and reduce our ability to meet our daily challenges. They affect the way we think, and we often see ourselves reacting without having the power to control these reactions, which usually make us suffer.

We all know that the best way το get rid of tiredness is to relax, especially relaxation through massage therapy. What many of us do not realize, is that physical relaxation affects our psychology.

Below see a list of the beneficial psychological effects of a professional massage.

On the day of the massage the receiver:

• will relax, feeling less stress and tension
• will feel calm and serene
• will feel positive emotions
• will feel more energetic and his/her whole body will be rejuvenated.

Individuals who have used massage long term have repοrted the following:

• improved relaxation of mind and body
• improvement in body image
• increased self-esteem
• increase in energy levels in everyday life
• reduced mental fatigue resulting in improved mood

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