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“Body Peeling” the most suitable care of your body after summer!


The Importance of a Post-Summer Body Peel

Summer takes a toll on our skin, no matter how much we try to avoid it.  Sunscreen helps, but the skin still takes a beating!  We get dry, our knees and elbows never seem moistened, and dead skin is everywhere.  Tans fade in uneven ways, and we can end up feeling as though we have aged quickly.  All of this is because of sun exposure that feels great at the time.  The good news is: we can keep sunning because, well, the damage can be undone!

Rugged Skin?

Getting a body peel is like hitting the reset button for your skin.  Skin is fresh, recharged, and revitalized.  After spending a great deal of time in the sun, your skin can feel too rugged.  No matter how much lotion you use, it can feel as though you are still dry.  The skin is crying for help and love!  The moisture gets lost along your journeys through the summer.  With a body peel, these problems can disappear.  A body peel is a total necessity after the summer months!

Sun spots?

Body peeling makes your skin feel soft, smooth, and silky again.  The sun’s damage feels erased, and your skin can actually keep its moisture.  All those sun spots and discolored marks from long days of tanning on the beach?  Gone!  With a body peel, your skin will be far more evenly toned than it had been before.  Amazing, right?  You will be radiant and healthy looking once again!  Perhaps even, more radiant than ever before.

Lines and scars?

If you are concerned about lines and scars on the body, a body peel can also help improve these marks.  In the summer, we go out and have fun, enjoy the weather – and sometimes that can mean nasty marks!  With a body peel, you can ease your concerns about these marks, and never worry about them again!


The unpleasant truth is that the nice summer weather can bring out those pesky wrinkles in your skin.  No matter how hard we try to avoid it, the sun can emphasize imperfections all together – all over the body.  Once those long days baking by the pool are over, you can get a body peel to erase the damage.  Once it’s over, you’ll feel like you are glowing and flawless – just as you should always feel!

Get a professional body peeling!

With a post-summer body peeling, your skin will have its most pleasant texture, as dead skin will be rid of, leaving skin soft, refined and touchable.  Years will be shed off of your appearance, as skin becomes smoother and evenly toned.  Skin will be tight – making sun damaged skin seem as though it had never been damaged at all.  By the time the next summer comes, your skin can be absolutely perfect, all thanks to simple body peelings!  Prep that skin all through the cold months, and get the body bikini ready by the time the warm air comes around again.

Skin regeneration is important for Sesto Senso and so until the end of October it offers you the opportunity to achieve fresh and radiant skin with a fruit based peeling with any massage you wish. Give yourself a massage therapy and leave the rest to us!