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What to expect the day of the massage!


“This is your time”

Have you never had a massage? And probably have same questions about what should you eat, drink or wear before and after the massage? Below we explain to you what to expect during your massage therapy session and help you ease your anxiety and be prepared.

What to eat or drink: 

✓ Drink lots of water before and after your massage

✓ Don’t drink alcohol

✓ Have a cup of tea after your treatment

✓ Decrease your caffeine that day

✓ Eat lightly before your therapy and healthy afterword’s

What should you wear:

✓ Wear lose fitting, comfortable clothes and shoes like you will go to the gym. If this is not possible due to nature of your work bring with you so that you can change after your treatment.

✓ During your treatment it’s for your best to stay with one used undergarment, this will help you feel free and the therapist to not have any interruptions during the massage

Arriving earlier:

✓ You may be required to fill up a consultation form (For new clients)

✓ You may need to have a shower or a foot bath

✓ Don’t forget to use the lavatory

✓ Will give you time to ease and make you feel relax and comfortable

Communication time with your therapist:

✓ Get to know your therapist

✓ Fill up your consultation form

What to tell your therapist before the massage:

✓ If you have epilepsy, heart problems or allergies

✓ Any questions you may have and your expectations

✓ Any areas that are sensitive or should be avoid

✓ If you don’t want music during the session

What your therapist should explain:

✓ The procedure of the treatment

✓ Important of contraindications  related to massage

✓ The type of massage that you will receive

✓ After effects of the treatment

What to expect when you enter the room:

✓ Music

✓ Hook

✓ Drape

✓ Massage table

✓ Dim lighting

✓ Candles

How to get ready:

✓ Remove as much clothing as you feel comfortable

✓ Remove any jewelry

✓ Put your phone on silence

✓ Lay on the table face up or down depending on the treatment

✓ Cover yourself with the drape

✓ Give permission to your therapist to enter when theyknock

How to get the most from your massage:

✓ Don’t resist and try to relax

✓ Let your thoughts go

✓ Focus on the touch

✓ Breath full and don’t hold your breath

Do you need to speak during your treatment:

✓ Only if it’s necessary

✓ If you became too cold or too hot

✓ If you like more pressure or less

✓ If you feel discomfort in a certain area

After your massage:

✓ Stay for a few minutes on the massage table

✓ Sit down and drink your water

✓ Have a shower to get rid of the dead cells that your body left through the compression of the treatment

✓ Avoid doing any physical workout

✓ Stay calm and relax

Follow our advises and we guarantee you that you will experience the art of a massage treatment!