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Bioresonance Evaluation & Treatment

The Art of Health Promotion

Your consultation includes a full discussion of current health issues and family history. A complete health assessment is performed taking into consideration, nutritional status, activity level and how your body is actually functioning energetically. Non-medical testing involves the use of  the latest technology equipment of Sensitive Imago and Bicom. During the bio-energetic evaluation scan we focus on the causes of disease through different factors such as cellular memories of pain, shock, experience, genetics, bacteria, parasites, viruses,  psychological and environmental stimuli.  Some stimuli  will be less stressful than others.  Some will become more exacerbating , some less exacerbating over time for variety of reasons but the main reason is ADAPTATION. As experiences shift and memories accumulate, we have the adaptation response. So we are measuring these signals which are introduced by the bioresonance-biofeedback software and elicits a unique response that reflects the vibrancy of the cell, an expression of its life experience and of its ability to adapt in order to survive. This is the way we promote health.

Patients who take these tests find them to be very useful health indicators that provides great motivation and disease prevention.  An individual treatment plan is initiated at your first 2 hours consultation to start you on the road to optimal health.

 *Bio-Energetic evaluation is the concept of analyzing and treating the body in an energetic way rather than focusing primarily on chemical level of homeostasis.

Our bio-energetic devices are not intended to make a medical diagnosis to replace medical intervention.  Their purpose is to assess your energy and stress levels which is useful to you and to our specialist as well as your family doctor if only he trusts and believes in natural therapies in order to make recommendations beneficial to your wellbeing.

(Costs differ depending on the choice and combination of treatment decisions)  

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