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Airenergy-Oxygen Therapy + Scalar Wave Lazer

Breathe cleaner

Did you know you obtain 90% of your energy from the air that you breathe? Three quarters of this is exhaled unused. Airenergy optimizes the utilization of oxygen from the air we breathe, and so creates vitality, well-being, healing and well-aging.

Oxygen utilization can influence the body by improving your mood, eliminating insomnia, decreasing the number of free radicals, optimizing metabolism, decreasing chronic pain, stabilizing digestion, regenerating and smoothing skin, effective anti-ageing from within, strengthening the immune system and preventive care.

Also excellent therapy for the athletes – the first therapy choice when it comes to optimizing performance.

(price depends on therapy sessions and time requirement according to the problem)

(in combination with Scalar Wave Lazer)

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